Totchos: The Beautiful Amalgamation of Two Already Beautiful Foods

If you haven’t heard of totchos, here’s a brief rundown: tater tots x nachos = totchos.


Yes, the glorious food mash-up is exactly what you assume the combination of deep-fried potato pockets and nacho toppings would be. And, yes, it’s absolutely (almost devilishly) better than you think it could possibly be, too. Find us a person who doesn’t like totchos and we’ll find you one who doesn’t have a soul (kidding, sorta).


Here’s how totchos work: take a package of frozen tater tots (you can use regular or sweet potato tots), cook according to package directions, and top with whatever you like–items like cheese, corn, and avocado crema. You can go rogue and do your own thang or use one of our recipes below—which, for the record, are little potato nuggets of pure flavor bomb gold. See for yourself: They’re–in sum–stupid good. 




First up, we have Loaded Totchos topped with a limey avocado-tomatillo situation, shredded chicken, bacon, charred corn kernels, cheese dip, and jalapeño slices. When we say loaded we mean L-O-A-D-E-D. Because, when it comes to totchos, “too much” isn’t a thing.




Then, there’s Peruvian Totchos with Ají Amarillo Crema, which feature sweet potato tots, queso fresco, back beans, avocado, pepitas, cilantro, and ají amarillo sauce made ultra creamy with the help of mayonnaise and sour cream. If you’re not familiar with ají amarillo, the yellow hot pepper paste will soon steal your spice loving heart. It’s kind of like nacho cheese sauce that got a kick in the pants. I mean that in a (really) good way.


See, we told you: stupid good, right?


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