Salty vs. Sweet: Our Favorite Munchies

April 20, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

It’s the age old dilemma, you’re hankering badly for a snack, but do you want salty or sweet? We’ve got you covered for both options!


Chocolate never fails to satisfy. Throw in some nuts and dried fruit, and you can almost pretend you’re eating healthy trail mix!

Similar in flavor to a fruit tart due to the shortbread crust, these fruit bars are an easy treat to make-ahead and devour later.

It’s easy to turn to pre-made snacks when the munchies urge strikes, but these homemade versions of a popular sandwich cookie are worth the extra effort.



Don’t just nosh on a sad and cold cheese stick, a baked version is the ideal snack.

Get delightfully crunchy and salty chips, plus a serving of greens.

A million times better than anything on the store shelves, these crackers can easily be customized (curry, spicy, etc.) to meet whatever you’re craving.

The Compromise: 

With these cookies you don’t face any hard decisions, just get the best of both worlds.


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