The Worst Desk Lunch Stories, According to Facebook

April 18, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

Today we asked our Facebook fans to tell us the saddest desk lunch they’ve ever eaten. The results are hilarious and nauseating at the same time.

“A mustard packet. It was my diet attempt in high school.” -Denise K.

Mustards on white background

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“A slice of provolone cheese on a rice cake.” -Annette G.

“A hot pocket that I accidentally put in for two HOURS instead of minutes. It caught on fire and someone on another floor pulled the fire alarm as the smoke travelled through the a/c system.” -Rebekah S.

“Lettuce..just lettuce.” -Jude B.

“Saltine crackers with fast food packets of Ranch dressing. Its really good and better than nothing.” -Jan B.


Mixed salad leaves in white bowl

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“A pack of plain oatmeal made with a pouch of sugarfree hot chocolate mix and water.” -Marcia S.

“Bone-in sardines and granola bar.” -Lindsay K.

“The one time my ex wife used the amount of milk to make Mac and cheese. She read it has 4 cups not 1/4 of a cup.” -Paul G.

“Spoonfuls of peanut butter.” -Anne C.


Peanut butter

Photo: Getty Images


“Coffee from the day before and a box of 6 month old raisins.” Darlene V.

“I found a single serving pack of crackers, an individual package of butter and a little packet of pepper. That’s right 2 crackers with butter spread on it sprinkled with pepper…” -Ramona H.

“A piece of bread.” -Samantha B.

“Plain tofu.” -Shonnie H.


Block of firm tofu

Photo: Getty Images


“5 mints….” -Leigh H.

“Fixed myself a white bread (moldy parts removed), miracle whip, dill pickle slices sandwich. I don’t look back on it fondly.” -Janet E.

“Warm yogurt and warm grapes.” -Holly B.

“After reading the above, guess I have not had a really bad lunch.” -Fran A.

We’re with you there, Fran!


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