Handy Kitchen Basics

June 1, 2015 | By | Comments (0)



I found myself watching some old Julia Child recordings the other day from way back when. The kitchen was dark, and at the time the show was in black and white, but Julia was just as endearing as ever, and interestingly, another thing I realized was that she measured ingredients with the palm of her hand. I thought, “Well, of course she can do that, she’s Julia Child,” but I never thought that I would ever trust myself to do that, nor would I want to. But here to defy those hesitations today is a brilliant and handy video designed to be a visual tool to help you be more “handy” around the kitchen. (Yes, pun intended.) If you find yourself short a measuring cup or two, be sure to keep these great measurement conversions in mind. And hey, if these help you out, be sure to “hand” them off to someone else by sharing this helpful video around the social media stratosphere. Happy cooking!


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