Broiled Salmon with Marmalade Dijon Glaze

March 20, 2015 | By | Comments (0)

Broiled Salmon with Marmalade Dijon Glaze


I am so excited to feature this recipe today because it consists of one of my favorite types of fish: salmon. Salmon is loaded with omega-3’s and protein to fuel your hectic week, so not only is salmon a delicious option, but it’s also nutritious and FAST. To add even more positivity, this dish only requires 5 ingredients to whip up (minus a sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste, of course).

The orange marmalade and dijon mustard glaze pulls out this sweet and salty flavor and definitely raises this dish to a whole other level. If you’re a huge fan of salmon already, you’ve got to try this sauce. If you’ve been hesitant to dive into the salmon world and have never tried it before, this would be a great recipe to start with. Not only is the cook time less than ten minutes, but the glaze adds an impressive looking finish and flavor to this recipe that will greet you with loads of deliciousness.



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