How to Make Southwest Salsa Burgers

October 2, 2014 | By | Comments (0)



When you’re tailgating this weekend or cooking out at your house with your friends, don’t make those regular, boring burgers! Spice them up with some Monterey Jack cheese and salsa.

Not only do these Southwest Salsa Burgers have some tasty toppings, there are some great seasonings and spices in the patties as well. When making the patties, you’ll add in some salsa, shallots, and chipotle pepper. Once the burgers have been cooked, you’re going to want to put some Monterey Jack cheese on each patty and let it get nice and melty. And there you have it–a gourmet burger in just 20 minutes.

I think an “assemble your own Tex-Mex burger” bar at your next game day get-together would be such a fun idea. In addition to the toppings in the recipe, you could provide various cheeses, salsas, peppers, and chips.

Take a look at the video tutorial for this recipe, and get to cooking!


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