Cake of the Week: Ginger Cake with Maple Frosting

December 2, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Can you believe it’s already December? I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving, but I’m also ready for holiday cookies! What could be better than classic holiday flavors wrapped up in a cake and topped with adorable decorated gingerbread cookies? Not much, in my opinion!


There are many wonderful and seasonal flavors in this cake. First of all, there is a nice dose of ginger, and then a few other spices are thrown in. This cake is made with brown sugar and cake flour, which give it a wonderful, soft texture. There are quite a few ingredients that make this cake extremely moist: buttermilk, oil, applesauce, and molasses. Using buttermilk instead of regular milk really does have a noticeable effect on the texture of cake. Applesauce and molasses add seasonal flavor in addition to tons of moisture. As for the frosting, I love adding a splash of maple flavor to baked goodies during this time of the year! And last but not least, the entire cake is topped with candy canes and these gingerbread cookies! If you’re looking for a cake to bring to holiday parties, this one’s for you!

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