Ready for a Bacon Explosion?

September 28, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

The rumors are true, there is a predicted pork shortage in our future. Thus, the self-proclaimed BBQ Addicts are piling on the pork in the form of a Bacon Explosion.

Photo from BBQ Addicts

Photo by BBQ Addicts

The Bacon Explosion begins with a bacon weave, seasoned to taste. Next is two pounds of Italian sausage (when we said piling on the pork, we weren’t kidding), followed by another layer of crispy-fried bacon. Once carefully rolled, The Bacon Explosion takes a trip to the grill. Once the inside reads 165 degrees Fahrenheit, gloss it with sauce. You people with a passion for pork will be in hog heaven.

Photo from BBQ Addicts

And the best part? This pork comes by post. Rather than going through all this trouble, The BBQ Addicts offer The Bacon Explosion fully smoked, ready to heat and eat. Choose from the original, jalapeno, or cheese.

To purchase The Bacon Explosion, click here.


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