Trendy Budget-Friendly Bubbly

April 5, 2010 | By | Comments (0)


I'll admit it: it was the label that got me. How can you not try a wine with a bright pink "Bitch" label? It turns out this sparkling wine from Australia is not just a pretty — or amusing — bottle. Bitch Bubbly, made from Grenache grapes by R Wines, is tasty, too. This deep pink-colored bubbly tastes like a glass full of crushed raspberries and strawberries with a little bit of toffee in there. And instead of the traditional wire cage top, this bubbly comes with a pop-top (the kind they used to use on glass soda bottles).

Leave it to the Aussies to come up with an everyday, fun sparkling wine that can go from the cocktail hour straight through dinner. It's even recession-friendly: you won't find it for over $11.99 a bottle (for a standard 750mL bottle). It also comes in individual-sized, screw-cap 187mL bottles (around $3.99 each).

What better way to start a conversation at a party then to turn to a guest, bottle in hand, and say, "Bitch?"


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