Book Club Dinner

March 11, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

Chinese-chicken-salad-oh-1940183-l Tuesday was my night to host book club and, next to our stimulating book conversations, the food and drink is the most important thing!  Because I needed a mostly make-ahead menu, and because I do love a theme, I decided on Chinese Chicken Salad.  Our book was Shanghai Girls, and  while I realize that no one in China ever actually eats this kind of salad, it's easy to make, always popular, and a slight nod to the book.  I also stopped by my favorite Chinese take-out restaurant and picked up egg rolls and asked another member to bring a fresh fruit salad that included mandarin oranges.   Dessert was fortune cookies (from the restaurant) and a decadent chocolate-mint brownie that had absolutely nothing to do with China.  But all sucessful book club dinners must include both chocolate and wine, don't you think?

Check out our collection of Chinese recipes, or for more themed book club dinner ideas, see Dinner and a Book, and let me know what you're serving at your next book club gathering.


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