Don’t Mind Us, We’re Just Gonna Be Sipping on This Elderflower and Raspberry Frosé for the Rest of Summer

Hello, how are you? Oh, us? We’re great. We’re drinking Elderflower and Raspberry Rosé Slushies. And we will continue drinking them for the next 6 weeks or so. Because in a word, they are fantastic.


In two words, they’re absolutely incredible. And in three words, they’re absolutely fantastically incredible. You get the picture. This is a rosé slushie with St. Germain and fresh berries we’re talking about. Come on.




The most complicated part about these Elderflower and Raspberry Rosé Slushies is the title (seriously, try saying it five times fast). All you need is ice, rosé, frozen raspberries (and some fresh, for garnish), elderflower liqueur, and honey. That’s six ingredients—five if you’re not counting ice because, well… that’s literally frozen water.


Take those ingredients, run them in a blender until they become all smooth and slushie-y, and boom: You have Elderflower and Raspberry Rosé Slushies (or should we say frosé?)  in about four minutes flat. Blend up batch after batch–you’ll be in good company (with us, obviously). These slushies are smooth, floral, and refreshing. They’re not too sweet and they’re fun, yet sophisticated, yet definitely a little silly. We are talking slushies, after all, and no slushie is meant to be serious thing. We’ll save that for the Old-Fashioned.


So now that we’re all on the same page… you’ll know what we’re up to for the rest of the season.


As they say, bottoms up.


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