Cream of the Crop: 9 Recipes that Prove Corn and Cream are Better Together

Corn and cream are a dream team (and, yes, I meant to make a tacky rhyme–hope you liked it). The rich cream matches the crisp sweetness of the golden nuggets in a way that’s not just complementary, but a “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” type of thing. They’re better together.


Corn and cream make chowder, risotto, and ice cream better. They bring both a little summer sunshine and comfort to the table. Here are 9 recipes that are, truly, the cream of the crop: 


Bonus: Don’t toss your corn cobs! Use them to make corn stock, which can be used in place of vegetable stock in most any recipe that calls for it (and in many of the ones below). 


Fresh Corn and Potato Soup with Sautéed Shrimp




If you haven’t “milked” corn yet, now’s the time to try it.


Creamed Corn




Duh. It’s a classic for a reason.


Corn and Salmon Chowder



The secret here’s both the corn broth (from the cobs) and kernels in the soup.


Summer Corn-and-Golden Potato Chowder




Add some toasted, buttered bread and dinner’s set.


Creamy Corn Risotto 




This recipe doesn’t call for cream, but imagine how good it’d be swapping some of the milk for something a bit richer… I’m devious, I know.


Corn Gazpacho with Crab 




Corn, crab, and cream: They’re alliterative and very meant to be.


Sweet Corn Soup with Crab 




Or you could make this version with peas and basil.


Tee’s Corn Pudding




While fresh is best, you can also use frozen corn and enjoy it all year long.


Sweet Corn Ice Cream




Let the ice cream mixture chill overnight pre-churning for even creamier ice cream.


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