Appetizing Accessories Every Food Enthusiast Needs This Summer

June 10, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

Food designs are clearly the peak of chic this summer, especially for your accessory game. Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to show off her sassy avocado iPhone case, and I’ve been craving guacamole ever since. As someone who can never look away when Keeping Up with Kardashians is on, I now feel a deep level of obligation to own every [good] food-inspired accessory that I can find. Between phone cases, jewelry, and beach essentials, there’s no shortage of fun, food-printed accessories worth rocking this summer, and here’s where you can find them. This one’s for you, Kylie.


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Fast Food Earphone Splitter



If you’re manning the grill with a partner, say cooking up some succulent burgers for dinner, you’ll definitely want these hamburger headphones that let you and another listen to the same device at once.  Forever 21, $5

Pizza Beach Blanket


Photo: Big Mouth Inc.

Because the only pizza topping better than sausage is you in your bathing suit., $25

Pineapple Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of


Block the sun and the haters while you sip a glass of pineapple citrus punchH&M, $8

Watermelon Necklace

Photo courtesy of


Watermelon is a superfood–but more importantly, a super accessory. Anthropologie, $12

Fast Food Umbrella



Rainy summer days are the worst, but spunky food-printed umbrellas are sure to brighten your spirits. Fries also help., $23

Taco Wristlet



This is quite possibly the most delicious change-carrying vessel out there. Plus, the tag accent looks like a packet of hot sauce. This could not get any better. #swag, $78

Carrot Cake Earrings



Remember that time Chrissy Teigen was loving up on our carrot cake recipe? Allow these earrings to remind you why carrot cake deserves that kind of attention., $21 

Ice Cream Cone iPhone Case



*Craves ice cream every time phone vibrates*, $45


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