5 Insane Milkshake Combos You Have to Try

April 15, 2016 | By | Comments (0)
strawberry-shortcake-shake-mr-2 (1)

Strawberry Shortcake Shake


Your favorite cakes and pies just got a creamy makeover! You HAVE to try these insanely-mouthwatering milkshake flavors — from cookie cake to strawberry shortcake, and more!


As the most requested recipe in Southern Living history, the Hummingbird Cake is a staple for southern flair and charm. We decided to put our own spin on the iconic dessert with this frozen treat. Get the recipe here.


Got leftover cookie cake after the big party? Now you’ll know just what to do with it. Get the recipe here.


When topped with pound cake and strawberries and drizzled with luscious strawberry syrup, this gorgeous milkshake might just be better than the real thing. Get the recipe here.


Live like everyday’s your birthday with this indulgent cake batter milkshake. Get the recipe here.


The only thing better than leftover pie is leftover pie in the form of a milkshake… with bourbon. Get the recipe here.


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