Why The Donut Wall is the New Photobooth

April 14, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

Photo courtesy of moesdos.com


Sorry photo booths, but The Donut Wall just took things to a whole new level.

This jaw-dropping dessert display trend is popping up at weddings, proms, formals, and even work events all across the country, and we’re not complaining one bit. Like, what’s going to make guests happier than a gigantic wall of perfectly-aligned, glazed donuts? That’s right, nothing. The trend is so popular that event companies are starting to rent out portable walls with wooden or metal pegs for this very purpose (but of course the craftier types will always find a way to make a DIY version).

While there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a fresh, warm donut, they’re for more than just eating. A whole wall of them IS CALLED ART, PEOPLE, and who’s not going to stop and take a zillion goofy pictures in front of this masterpiece? When your dessert display doubles as a photo booth, you know you’ve struck gold.


GUILTY PLEASURES! 🍩 #Merivale #GuiltyPleasures #DonutWall #YesPlease

A photo posted by Brock Goodhill (@brockgoodhill) on


So while we go out and plan our next party– (we’re thinking all four walls, is that dangerous?) – go ahead and get jealous over this roundup of Insta #donutwall photos.


This couple is everything we want to be.


Caption = ON. POINT.

Cause after all, you're my donut wall 🎶 #SouthernGents

A photo posted by Brad Hulker (@b_hulker) on


Hopefully it doesn’t rain.


Yeah, she just did that. Inspirational.


Facebook WOULD.

#donutwall success! Thanks @gloryholedoughnuts for the yummy treats! @danieletdaniel #FBIQLive

A photo posted by Jacob Curl (@cateringjake) on


If your morning meeting doesn’t have one, you’re clearly doing it wrong.

Morning meeting must have #donutwall #donuts #holtrenfrew

A photo posted by Jes (@jdonatis) on


Just stop and stare.


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