Funfetti or Chocolate Cake? How is that Even a Question?!

April 12, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

We don’t care if you’re heavily medicated and under the assumption that a real zombie apocalypse is happening. When asked if you can only survive on Funfetti or chocolate cake, forever, in Mexico, then the answer is 100% always chocolate cake. And here are five recipes to prove how right we are.

Still drooling? We can wait.

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, this cake pretty much has it all. And it ain’t Funfetti.

Chocolate is kind. Chocolate is nice. Chocolate can share the plate with fun sprinkles and vanilla cake. Chocolate is cool like that.

Beer’s new best friend? A bottle of dark beer mixed right into the batter. Excuse us while we go get seconds.

We’ve got nothing but love for this amazing, luscious, melty cake. The recipe serves 6, which is a lie, because you’re going to eat two.


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