How To Make Easy Peeps Pops

March 9, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

Move over, cake balls! There’s a new festive dessert in town. This is a perfect treat to take to a class party or leave by the coworkers to perk your coworkers up before Easter weekend. Plus, they’re super fun to decorate!


This works great for any holiday. We’re sticking with bunnies for Easter, but you could decorate Peep pumpkins, Peep shamrocks, or Peep snowmen the same way.


Assorted melted chocolate (dark and white)

Assorted sprinkles and crushed candy bars

Lollipop sticks

Wax Paper



Insert a stick into the base of each bunny, pushing the stick almost to the top of the Peep so that it stays on securely. Dip the Peep into the melted chocolate, rolling gently to coat. You can also use a spoon to ladle the chocolate over the bunnies.

Cover with desired topping and place on wax paper to dry for about five minutes.

Once dry, you can serve them by poking the sticks into styrofoam or bagging with clear craft baggies.

Looking for more Easter fun? We love these Crispy Easter Nests.

Watch the live video demo below. Happy Baking!


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