Easy Swaps: Simple Substitutes for Cornstarch

February 9, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

Out of cornstarch? Skip the infuriating last minute trip to the store and use a simple swap instead.

What can you substitute for cornstarch in a recipe?

Flour. Flour is an easy substitute, but is less potent than cornstarch, so you’re likely to need twice as much. It’s also a better ingredient to use in acidic dishes, as it won’t get broken down like cornstarch will. The problem with flour is that has a distinct taste, so you’ll need to cook the sauce longer to get rid of the taste.

Another good option is Arrowroot. You can swap it in in equal amounts as cornstarch, but it will need to cook longer. It’s particularly good in dishes you want to make ahead and freeze.

Need more options? See why potato flakes, tapioca, and rice starches are a good idea.

See our Substitution Guide for more easy time-saving swaps!


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