How to Make Delicious Gluten-Free Macaroons

December 15, 2015 | By | Comments (0)



This holiday season, you may find yourself invited to or planning your own cookie swap. While there are so many classic cookies to choose from, it’s always great to have gluten-free options available. Not only can gluten-free cookies be just as delicious as regular varieties, but they can be easy, too!

We’re so excited to bring you such a great cookie recipe today. Health reached out to Scott Uehlein, executive chef at Canyon Ranch, to show exactly how to make classic coconut macaroons, cookies that are both delicious and gluten-free. Requiring only 7 ingredients total, these cookies are so simple to make. If you want to add a little extra twist to these cookies, you can always dip them in chocolate like the macaroons featured in the photo above. Check out the video below to see just how easy these macaroons are to make.,,20818411,00.html?xid=video_pl_myrecipes


Interested in more gluten-free dessert and snack options for you, your family, and guests this year? Check some amazing options to satisfy your sweet tooth below.





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