Simple Honey Baked Ham

September 15, 2015 | By | Comments (0)


We’re gearing up for fall, and while that may sound like we’re getting ready for pumpkin spice everything, apple pies, tailgating, and cider, we’re also rolling up our sleeves to get ready for those festive times of the year where a great honey baked ham is exactly what the dinner table needs. Whether you’re busy accommodating a crowd for a special occasion, have a family reunion coming up, or it’s just a special night of the week, these baked ham recipes are perfect for such an occasion. Besides the initial preparation, the baking process is simple, however it’s best to set aside at least three hours for a perfectly scrumptious baked ham.

To see a hands-on demonstration for how the magic happens for the recipe above, check out the video below! In the meantime, if you’re interested in some more recipes, this Honey-Bourbon Glazed Ham and Honey-Coriander Glazed Ham make the most out of one of our favorite ingredients: honey! Be sure to lather it on generously for some absolutely delicious golden flavor. Also, don’t blame us if family members and friends start bugging you for the recipe!






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