Easy Weeknight Chicken Dinners

August 25, 2015 | By | Comments (0)


Tonight, let’s cook up something amazing. A dish that’s amazing on all levels means that it’s both simple to whip up and tastes delicious. When that particular combination comes together in this case you’re left with one tantalizingly tasty chicken skillet dinner that will satisfy everyone at the table. The addition of lemon to this dish means that you better prepare for some yummy aromas to waft around the kitchen. Never mind the dinner bell, just trust us, your friends and family will know when it’s time to chow down.

While this recipe takes a few steps to complete, it all ends up in the same skillet at the end. Because the potatoes cook differently than the chicken, those items are prepared separately before being combined at the end to cook some more with the addition of the green beans and lemon slices. This way, all the ingredients are perfectly cooked together, and reach peak yumminess for everyone to enjoy. While we are a huge fan of this dish, there are even more awesome chicken dinners worthy of any weeknight that we’ve rounded up and placed in a collection for all of you busy folks out there. Take a look and let us know what you think of this dish and/or of the others below on Facebook or Twitter. See you there!



50 Chicken Dinners for the Busy Cook 


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