The Cutest Cherry Pies Ever

Cherry pie just got sweeter — and a lot cuter. If you’re looking for a sweet treat to standout at your next summer gathering, look no further. These Mason Jar Cherry Pies take the cake…I mean pie.


The recipe calls for just 8 ingredients: lemon juice, sugar, butter, corn starch, cherries, pie crust, sanding sugar, and whipped cream. But don’t forget the mason jars, because let’s face it; everything is better out of a mason jar.

To prepare these pies, combine and cook the cherry filling, line the jars with pie crust dough, and fill the jars with cherry filling. Before baking, cover the jars with pie crust lattices, brush melted butter over the lattices, and sprinkle them with sanding sugar. Lastly, bake the pies until golden brown and top them off with whipped cream!

Not only are these personal-sized pies adorable, but they’re also delicious! If you’re craving more mini pies, check out this collection of Must-Try Mini Pies and Tarts. And, if you need another excuse to use your mason jars, browse through these Mason Jar Drinks and pick your poison! Be sure to share your mini treats and mason jar drinks with us by taking a photo and tagging us on Facebook or Twitter!


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