Crazy for Caprese

Some combinations are just meant to be, and I would argue that a caprese salad is one of those matches made in culinary heaven. This classic Italian salad features tomatoes and mozzarella garnished with basil, sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper, and drizzled in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad

Because this salad is so simple, high-quality ingredients are essential to producing a topnotch taste, which makes summertime the peak season for enjoying caprese salad. So, your first task: find fresh, juicy heirloom tomatoes ripened to perfection. Then, after collecting the other ingredients, simply slice, stack, and sprinkle! With minimal ingredients and simple steps, this dish is fantastic for a quick, summertime lunch or side salad.

This classic caprese combination can also be skewered, sandwiched, and paired with other ingredients to create various divine dishes. Check out 24 Twists on the Classic Caprese Salad for inspiration. If you try any of these recipes out, give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter!


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