Spice Cookie Revival

December 16, 2014 | By | Comments (0)


Molasses Cookies

The holidays would not be complete without cookies. Let’s face it: we all go to Christmas parties for the food and/or booze, and scoping out the table of sugar-laden treats is half the fun. Sugar cookies? Yes please. Gingerbread? Don’t mind if I do. Shortbread, peanut butter, chocolate chip… The list goes on and on. Wash them down with a glass of milk or eggnog and you’re on your way to having a holly jolly holiday. Cookies always disappear quickly, so bake a second batch. They’re Santa’s favorite treat, after all.

Molasses Cookies are one of the most underrated Christmas cookies, in my opinion. Gingerbread takes the prize as America’s most beloved spice cookie, so molasses cookies tend to fall by the wayside. In this recipe from Cooking Light, brown sugar and molasses lend rich, robust flavor to soft cookies spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. What’s not to love? I’m calling for a spice cookie revival this year. I’m sure Santa would appreciate something other than the store-bought Danish butter cookies or sugar cookie Christmas trees that await him in most American households. Give the big guy a real treat this year:


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