Cake of the Week: Apple Stack Cake

August 25, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

Just in case you’ve never seen a stack cake before, Southern Living‘s got you covered. This towering Apple Stack Cake is on the cover of their September issue, which is available now. Summer may not be officially over yet, but let’s just take a moment and step into fall so we can talk about this apple-filled layer cake.


This cake is bursting with apple flavor. It’s in every single element that makes up this towering beauty. The cake itself is flavored with apple butter and a little bit of apple pie spice. There are quite a few layers–six total–but don’t bother washing that many cake pans. Disposable pans can be purchased at many grocery stores and craft stores, so you can just throw them away when you’re through.

Instead of frosting, this cake is filled and topped with six pounds of sliced apples. The apples cook with brown sugar and a little bit of lemon juice until the apples are tender and the juice thickens. After assembling all the layers and apples, the whole cake is drizzled with an apple cider glaze, which completely takes it over the top!

Students, instead of presenting your teacher with an apple this year, try bringing a slice of this cake to class. There could be an A+ in your future!


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