World Cup Wonders

June 26, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

Today we’re throwing it back to the last time the US won the World Cup, which was… never. In light of that sad fact, we’re pulling out our favorite soccer-inspired snacks that have gotten fans through the games since 1930.

Nuts and Bolts Trail Mix

Nuts & Bolts Trail Mix

Remember when you were a kid? You pulled on your shinguards, worked hard for 90 minutes, then moved on to the main event: the post-game snack. Would today’s Team Mom phone it in with a bag of pretzels and water? Would it be a Goldfish and CapriSun day? Or would some industrious parent have supplied the one-two sugar punch of Airheads and pure, glorious Coke? Only the final whistle would tell.

Red Velvet Cake Balls

 Red Velvet Cake Balls

How ready are these too-cute cake balls for a little soccer ball stencil work? If you need me, I’ll be purchasing edible markers…

Wherever you are today, we hope you’re enjoying the hoopla that’s bringing the world together (and slowing down the internet at our offices!).



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