Not Quite Pie

November 8, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Admittedly, I’m not a cake person. That’s not to say I don’t like cake, because if it’s around I’m definitely eating it. It’s just to say in the great debate of pie vs. cake I fall into the first camp. At this year’s Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium, Kat Kinsman said, “Where cake is for celebration, pie is for affirmation.” While I agree with the sentiment, I believe where there is a place for cake, there is always a place for pie.

Cake stars in birthday and wedding celebrations daily, but pie’s crowning moment is at the end of this month. And for me, the term “pie” encompasses the not-quite-pie cobblers, grunts, galettes, tarts, and crisps. Since Thanksgiving is a celebration of family and friends, I’m inviting pie’s cousins to the party this year.

Pear Apple Crisp
Skillet-Baked Pear-and-Apple Crisp
In my family, we double the crumb topping. Always. Achieving the perfect bite of stewed and spiced fruit, crispy oatmeal crumbles, and ice cream means true dessert euphoria.

Apple Pumpkin Galette
Apple Pumpkin Galette
Galettes are beauty in imperfection, which is great news for us pastry-phobes. Just bundle your filling in a doughy blanket and pop her in the oven—no fussy adornments necessary.

Cranberry Tart
Brown Sugar-Cranberry Tart
Tart cranberries tempered with custard and encased in a crumbly crust? Pinch me. Today I’m thankful I don’t understand the concept of food being too pretty to eat.

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