Baked Alaska

September 26, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

Close your eyes. Ok, not really. But mentally, while reading this, close your eyes. Now picture a glamorous cruise ship bedazzled in vibrant gold railings and leisure-suit clad men wandering around the midnight dessert buffet. What do you see in the middle of that buffet? That’s what we thought: Baked Alaska.



Strawberry-Lemon Baked Alaska

This oh-so helpful cross section of the decadent, if oddly temperatured, dessert shows you exactly what makes a Baked Alaska so impossible, and yet delicious.

Layer 1: Cake

Layer 2: Ice Cream

Layer 3: More Ice Cream (what’s not to love?!)

Layer 4: Mile-High Meringue, toasted to perfection.

To make this classic dessert, you bake a cake, then top it with ice cream and freeze it. Then add more ice cream, top with meringue, and give it a quick bake before serving immediately. The only way to make it more impressive is if you actually set it on fire.

Word is that this sweet treat came into being in the 1800s to celebrate the addition of the territory in the United States. Welcome, Alaska! You won’t be a state for over a hundred more years, but we’re glad you’re here, and that you brought dessert.

Just so you know, if you want to make this dessert recipe but are waiting for the perfect date, we can tell you that that date is February 1, Baked Alaska Day in North America.


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