Easy Meal Maker Coming Soon

September 24, 2013 | By | Comments (2)

easy meal maker book cover

All of us at MyRecipes face the same dinnertime challenges that you do.  About 4:30 or 5 pm we start thinking about what in the world we’ll make for dinner!  That’s why we’re so excited about our new cookbook, Easy Meal Maker.  This book is based on the premise that most of us have some kind of main-dish ingredient in mind, be it chicken, ground beef, fish or vegetables.  But from there, we need a quick and easy recipe, plus some ideas for what to serve with the main dish to make it a meal.  In this book, no matter what page you turn to, you’ll get a recipe, plus suggestions for a side dish and a dessert to round out the meal.  Some of the suggestions are additional recipes for salads, sides or desserts, but there are also plenty of suggestions for items that can you can pick up at the grocer store or pull out of your freezer.

The book includes 150 tried and true recipes, but when you add up all the additional meal suggestions, you actually get  ideas for 500 delicious dinners.  While we all rely on the MyRecipes website for recipes, this cookbook is so helpful because of the meal suggestions on every page.  And because every day is a little different, you’ll find recipes tagged “Great for Company”,  “Quick & Easy”, and “Healthy Choice”.

Perhaps the most fun and convenient feature of  Easy Meal Maker is the Scan-It/Save-It features that allows you to scan the recipe photo with your smart phone and automatically save the recipe shopping list to your phone.   The only thing this cookbook doesn’t do for you is cook the meal!

Look for Easy Meal Maker on October 1 in bookstores and grocery stores, or you can pre-order a copy online.   We’d love to hear from you about how you go about planning your weekly meals and how you come up with menu ideas.  And when you  make some of the meals in this book, we’d love to hear how they turned out.  MyRecipes Easy Meal Maker– a great dinner starts here!


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