Martie Knows… Arancini

June 18, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

6a00e54ff5bf93883401630567cce6970d-320wiThis week’s Food Network Star challenge had the teams creating food court kiosks at South Street Seaport.  Team Bobby was assigned American deli cuisine, team Giada had Mexican, and team Alton got Italian.

Alton’s team went right to work on a menu and named their place, “Littler Italy.”  Justin created a tempura fritto misto (mixed fry) incorporating an Iron Chef challenge secret ingredient–chicken livers.  Emily cooked apple-cheese dessert panini.  And our favorite party-thrower, Martie Duncan, served party-perfect arancini with marinara sauce.  Arancini are rice balls that are stuffed with cheese, meat, or other fillings, then breaded and fried.  The name means “little oranges” and comes from their shape and color.   Martie filled hers with ground veal, cheese, and a hit of cayenne.  Everyone enjoyed Martie’s dish. And as always, she charmed the crowd.  Team Alton’s food and presentation wowed the judges and “Littler Italy” won the challenge.

SPOILER:  Linkie and Nikki were the bottom two contestants faced the judges with chicken recipes.  Linkie was sent home.

Remember to VOTE for Martie every day.   See another of Martie’s Italian favorites, Homemade Limoncello, on her site.

Be sure to try Sunset’s incredible arancini recipe made with fontina cheese and green onions.  The Sunset test kitchen loved these!


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