Martie Knows… Deviled Eggs

May 14, 2012 | By | Comments (3)

In the season premiere of Food Network Star, Team Alton served up southern cuisine in their restaurant called “Due South.”’s favorite party-thrower, Martie Duncan, went all out on the appetizers.  She gave the diners and judges three takes on deviled eggs:

  • One topped with fried chicken liver, charred onions, and creme fraiche
  • One topped with pork cracklings and green tomato relish
  • One topped with barbecued beef and cole slaw

Martie charmed the judges.  And while they seemed to want bolder flavors and a little more salt, I’ve heard that Alton Brown told Martie her chicken liver egg was delightful.  I want to try all three!  You can find Martie’s Classic Southern Style Deviled Egg recipe here.

SPOILER ALERT: Cristie Schoen from Team Alton and Josh Lyons from Team Giada were the bottom two contestants and Schoen was sent home.

If you missed the episode, it will air again Wednesday evening.  Watch “Martie Knows Parties” on MyRecipes, anytime.


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