New Takes on Butternut Squash

November 11, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

For me, butternut squash had always been a veggie you roasted as a side dish, pureed into a soup, or cooked into a stew. But lately more usual butternut squash variations at restaurants have been grabbing my eye and convincing me to try them. Each displayed the sweet, nutty winter squash in a uniquely delicious way.

Like any good restaurant dish that doesn’t seem too terribly complex, they also begged that I try to recreate the combinations at home. All of them are quite worthy of the trouble of peeling and cubing squash.

Butternut-pastaphoto: Eliza Domestica

Butternut Squash Over Ravioli

The best dish I remember eating out this year was a ravioli concoction from Satterfield’s in Birmingham. Herbed goat cheese ravioli was covered in butternut squash, onions, thick chunks of bacon, shaved parmigiano-reggiano, sage, and decadent brown butter.

Per a Google search, it seems that making your own butternut squash-filled ravioli and topping it with brown butter is quite popular in the food world. But the option of buying cheese ravioli and topping it with butternut displays the squash more prominently; plus, it’s less labor-intensive.

This recipe from Eliza Domestica with pine nuts looks like an equally delicious stand-in for the restaurant version. I might tweak it to add bacon and sinful brown butter.

Squash-pizza-rs-1537535-lButternut Squash Pizza

Herbed ricotta and apple smoked bacon combined forces with the squash on a delectable flat bread from Stones Throw Bar and Grill in Mt. Laurel, Alabama.

I would add bacon (I’m on a bacon kick lately) and whatever herbs I felt like to this Real Simple recipe for a bit more flavor and heartiness.

Butternut-risotto-ck-lButternut Squash Risotto

Satterfield’s in Birmingham served this combination of nutty flavors with slightly spiced white fish, making a more hearty autumn complement to lighter seafood.

With the addition of sugared walnuts and proscuitto, this Cooking Light recipe is a meal unto itself but could also be a hearty side dish.

Oh, and I also tried this Cooking Light recipe for Butternut Squash Lasagna last winter. I loved how it was not super heavy and how the sweetness of squash paired with a smoky marinara sauce. Readers also gave it 5 stars—another reason for you to try it!

What do you like to make with butternut squash?


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