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Studio b — Image:

I love it when I happen upon something that combines my favorite things: learning something new and my insatiable wanderlust. You can imagine the size of my pupils when I happened upon the article "A Taste of Morocco" in this month's Coastal Living. On assignment, food editor, Julia Rutland, attended a Moroccan cooking class at Studio b in Alys Beach, Florida (located between Pensacola and Panama City).


Peggy Markel — Image:

The Moroccan cooking class was taught by Peggy Markel of Peggy's Culinary Adventures. Her mission statement is to connect cuisine, culture, and lifestyle. Essentially, she's a globetrotting foodie leading tasting tours to Sicily, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Morocco, and India. When she's not leading tours overseas, she's teaching cooking classes of various cuisines around the US. 

Studio b hosted "Flavors of Morocco" a hands-on class that prepared a typical Moroccan menu of Chicken Tagine, Preserved Lemons (Peggy's favorite), Moroccan Carrots, Caviar d'Aubergine, Orange Slices with Honey and Orange Blossom Water, and Omar Sharifs (a Moroccan cocktail). What better way to learn the basics of another culture's food than in a class over cocktails? An added treat from learning from Peggy: she brings the sights and smells of Morocco alive with personal accounts from her travel journal.

I probably won't be on an overseas adventure with Peggy anytime soon and I don't think she'll be back to Alys Beach anytime soon. I did spend sometime at to see their class offerings and the "b-list" looks really tempting. It's not limited to cooking, there are also designers, writers, artists, and photographers scheduled to come host workshops. Some of the big names: Jonathan Adler (designer), Sarah Blakely (Spanx!), Simon Doonan (Barneys' Window Dresser), India Hicks (designer, and Sara Foster (chef).


Chicken Tagine — Image: MyRecipes 

In the meantime, I've gathered some Moroccan recipes from MyRecipes. Given some thought to buying a tagine and am debating about hosting a Moroccan night.


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