Allergen-Free Cookies

HomeFree_Blogjpg Finally an allergy-free treat that doesn’t taste like the
dirt its all-natural, organic ingredients are grown in.

After trying
HomeFree cookies for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised with their sweet
flavor and the fact that my afternoon sugar rush was actually satisfied.

This New
Hampshire-based bakery is dedicated to creating tasty treats that are free of
common food allergens such as peanuts, eggs, dairy and tree nuts. But what
makes HomeFree unique is that they have managed to build a delicious cookie without the staple ingredients like eggs and butter. Instead, they use soy, whole grains, organic cane sugar and even
special ingredients like pear juice concentrate and rosemary extract. I even asked a 15, 12, and 9-year-old to try them and they all gave their approval.

HomeFree also makes a variety of
cakes and has a cookbook on allergen-free baking. You can purchase them at
their website
or at one of the 300 retail locations that sell them nationwide,
including select Whole Foods and a growing number of institutions such as
schools, camps, and sporting venues.

Based on taste alone, I would
recommend these cookies as an everyday treat, but beyond the sugary sweet
goodness, they are also a great substitute for those with food allergies.


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