Pecan Pie Bars

November 4, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Pumpkin pie bars 008 Yesterday at our office we celebrated all of the November birthdays and it was my turn to bring the treats. It was suggested that we do something Thanksgiving-like, and pecan pie came to mind.  The problem is that I'm really not a pastry chef or anything close, and I hated to display my baking inadequacies to the whole staff. And even if I could make a pie crust, it would be a challenge to make enough pies to feed the whole group. 

My solution?  Pecan Pie Bars.  All the ooey, gooey sweetness and crunch of pecan pie, but in bar cookie form. And, instead of a pastry crust, these have a buttery shortbread crust that was a breeze to make and absolutely divine. The recipe says that the yield is 16 large bars, but they're pretty rich, so I cut them into smaller bars and had plenty to serve our group.  A small bar is perfect for when you just need a little bite of something sweet.

We served these along with vanilla ice cream and I don't think anyone was disappointed that we didn't have pie. These were such a hit that I think I'll be making them again to take to my family's Thanksgiving meal. Now I no longer have to fret about being pie crust challenged.  Let me know what desserts you'll be making for your Thanksgiving feast. 


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