Atomic Buffalo Turds!

October 8, 2009 | By | Comments (1)

I know, I know. Why on earth would you ever want to taste something with a name straight out of a potty humor book??  Because they're amazing, that's why.  For the unintiated, Atomic Buffalo Turds (or ABTs) are jalapeno halves stuffed with cream cheese and a 'lil smoky, then wrapped in bacon.  We made these on our Big Green Egg a few weeks back for a football gathering, and I was instantly obsessed.  Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture for all of our loyal blog readers, but that doesn't make these appetizers any less blog-worthy. 

To make these at home, all you need is a bag full of jalapenos, a package of 'lil smokies (smoked cocktail weinies – I found them near the lunchmeat), cream cheese, and bacon (maple-flavored bacon adds a nice hint of sweetness).  Cut the stems off of the jalapenos, devein and remove the seeds to tone down the heat (unless you are the type to eat Atomic Fireballs like they are M&Ms).  Spoon a little cream cheese into each jalapeno half, top with a 'lil smoky, and wrap in a slice of bacon, securing with toothpicks.  Smoke for 45 minutes (checking the progress about halfway through) at 300-325 degrees.  Delicious!


  1. paul

    thought you might like these

    October 10, 2009 at 6:40 pm

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