The Best Brownie Mix on the Planet

October 5, 2009 | By | Comments (0)


Cookies, pies, tarts,
bars–step aside. The brownie is possibly the best American dessert invention
ever. When I lived in
New York City
I satisfied my craving at Fat Witch Bakery in Chelsea Market, creators of the
divinely decadent Fat Witch Brownie. But when I left the city the only option
was mail order. Thankfully Fat Witch creator Patricia Helding has taken pity on all of us non-New
Yorkers and come up with three brownie mixes to recreate the Fat Witch goodness
at home. (Up until now she never parted with her brownie recipes.)

The Fat Witch Original Brownie Mix takes minutes to mix and the result is a pan of intensely chocolatey, dense, not-too-sweet brownies. You
can also choose from Snow Witch (white chocolate) or Blonde Witch (a cross
between a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie). All you need are eggs, butter, a baking pan, and a mixing spoon. $8.99 per package


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