Oh, what a day! July 10 is National Piña Colada Day

PinaColada-1 Foodimentary proclaims July 10 to be National Piña Colada Day, and hereby declares it Piña Colada Weekend! Thank goodness it's Friday right?

I can hear my blender calling to me from the kitchen. It is saying,
"Fill me with rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and ice." I can
almost feel the sea breeze on my face and feel the fuzzy coconut shell
filled with this creamy rum concoction in my hand. Jimmy Buffet's voice
floats through the air, and the waves wash up at my feet.

has it that a 19th-century Puerto Rican pirate, Roberto Cafresi, served
a beverage containing white rum, pineapple, and coconut to his men as
an effort to boost morale. When Cafresi died in 1825, he took the
recipe with him. But it wasn't gone for good! Ricardo Garcia, a
bartender at the Caribe Hilton Hotel, serendipitously reinvented the
piña colada in 1954. Garcia was serving complimentary "coco-locos" to
guests when he ran out of coconut shells. Thinking fast, he started
passing out the cocktails in pineapples. Guests liked the flavor the
pineapple gave to their coco-locos so much that the innovative
mixologist made a few adjustments and put piña coladas permanently on
the menu within a week. Their popularity made the piña colada (which
means "strained pineapple") the official drink of Puerto Rico in 1978.

honor of the cocktail's official day (or weekend!), pair it with some
fresh boiled shrimp for an instant trip to tropical shores. Or try a piña colada cheesecake-all
the flavor of the classic treat, plus icing … sounds good to me! Save
me a piece. I'll be in the kitchen, answering the blender's demands.


  1. Robin Dale

    The name makes sins, I like pinnapple how ever it is. Yummy:)

    July 10, 2009 at 9:07 am

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