Craving Indian: Chicken Biryani

June 18, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Chicken Biryani-1
I love, love, love, triple love Indian food, but I don't make it at home nearly often enough.  One of my favorite Indian main courses is Chicken Makhani (also called Butter Chicken).  Since I've been going to the same Indian restaurant for some 10 years now, I'm friendly enough with the owner to ask about our favorite recipes.  Just the onions alone in their Chicken Makhani dish is a three-day affair.  It's no wonder I don't make Indian food more often at home!

When I spied this recipe for Chicken Biryani recently on MyRecipes (and in the January 2009 issue of Cooking Light magazine), I was drawn to the Indian flavoring.  The recipe features several traditonal Indian ingredients, including garam masala, cilantro and cumin, and the fact that it was nearly a one-pot meal put the recipe on the top of the list.

I had hoped that I could slide this one past my six-year-old-on-a-current-taco-kick son, but no dice.  No matter, there's always a standby in the fridge for those nights he's feeling less than adventurous, although I did get him to pick out some chicken from the dish.  This was perfect for a night that we had soccer practice and a Cub Scout meeting back-to-back … healthy, quick to table and an easy to satisfy my Indian craving without a run to the restaurant.  Enjoy!


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