Lets Do Brunch

October 14, 2008 | By | Comments (8)

Weddingdaybrunchl This past weekend I was the maid-of-honor in my best friend, Kristen’s wedding. My mother and I planned a Wedding Day Brunch for around 15 ladies. If anyone knows my mother then they have gathered that she is the quintessential party hostess and wedding shower warrior. And if anyone knows me then they understand I don’t plan anything. So my mother and I teamed up!

For this fall themed Wedding Brunch she had everything down to a formula, from the overabundance of rich autumn colored serving platters and pumpkin decorations to the perfectly ironed antique linen napkins. It was a beautiful spread of the autumn season draped across our dinning room table. Yet, the brunch menu had to be the most hassle-free.

We decided on a sasauge and cheese Breakfast Casserole, because it is easy to assemble and feeds a lot of guests. This simple casserole is one of my all-time favorite entertaining recipes. We always have great reviews. Who doesn’t love anything with bread, melted cheese, sausage, and eggs?

Bite-size muffins were perfect for nibbling on while talking about the Kristen’s big day. We made the classic Blueberry Muffins and crumbly Cheese Muffins. My mother grabbed a Baked Cheese Grits recipe from one of her Southern Living cookbooks.

We assembled a light and fresh fruit platter featuring grapes, cantaloupe, strawberries, and honeydew. This is always an easy favorite and much cheaper if you go the do-it-yourself route. The girls washed it all down with a simple yet tasty mimosa punch, concocted by combining champagne, orange juice, and a splash of cherry grenadine to add a little color.

Yes, it was a nice, relaxing brunch with the wedding party before everyone scattered to get ready. It was the calm before the storm. I hope to host a few more in the future and around the holidays since I’ve experienced how easy they can be.

Mail1Check out some more of my favorite Breakfast and Brunch dishes that didn’t make the cut, but are amazingly delicious:

Ham and Biscuits
Best Friends Iced Coffee Frappe
Cinnamon Rolls
Hash Brown Casserole
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Pear Mimosas

What are some of your favorite brunch memories and recipes?


  1. AER

    That centerpiece is beautiful so many wonderful fall colors/flowers!
    I love the theme!!

    October 14, 2008 at 5:48 pm
  2. Beth

    I loved the centerpiece. There’s nothing better than cheese grits at a southern brunch and the whole menu sounded delicious.

    October 14, 2008 at 8:23 pm
  3. Kristin H

    So I checked out the directions for making that “Best Friends Iced Coffee Frappe” that you have listed above… That is calorie and fat free, right? Thought so.
    But who’s counting cals when you’re enjoying it with a friend? 🙂

    October 15, 2008 at 12:25 pm
  4. catherine

    i was looking for a cinnamon roll without having to make the dough–looks like a winner–

    October 16, 2008 at 10:54 am
  5. Mary Pierce

    I loved the centerpiece – menu – talented hostesses. Sounds like a delightful occasion.

    October 16, 2008 at 12:06 pm
  6. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell

    Man, I recommend that sausage and cheese Breakfast Casserole. Nothing gets me ready to hit the skies with Goose than that. Try it!

    October 17, 2008 at 3:20 pm
  7. Nita Jones

    The centerpiece is beautiful. I’m trying to get the same look. The menu sounds perfect and I’m trying some of the recipes.

    October 18, 2008 at 8:42 pm
  8. Becky H

    Sounds like a delicious brunch. I make a breakfast casserole every Christmas. I get it ready the night before, then put it in the oven when I wake up Christmas morning. My kids look forward to it every year and it has become our family tradition. Maybe I’ll add the baked cheese grits next year! Sounds like they’d be a fabulous accompiament.

    October 19, 2008 at 12:17 pm

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