Culinary Education for Kids

July 29, 2008 | By | Comments (0)
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One of my favorite finds at the
2008 Gourmet Housewares show was a new line of products from Playful Life Inc. The
timing couldn’t be better since there is a growing interest in getting kids
involved with all things culinary.

"The Playful Chef Cookbook" is the
centerpiece of a collection that includes a "Playful Chef Cooking Kit" backpack, "Playful Party Planner" and a "Playful Play Date" guide. You can order any of these at Amazon and several other online retailers.

The cookbook has 33
real and useful recipes organized into standard categories that also include some unique
ones such as "International Holidays", "Science of Cooking" and "Pet Treats".
The preparation steps and ingredients tie in closely with the backpack kits with
features like color coded amounts to match the measuring tools. The authors also suggest that the backpack is great for gathering ingredients at the store when kids go shopping with a list from the book. What I like most is the educational material in every recipe that
covers kitchen safety, science, shopping, planning and nutrition. Spread throughout are also whole pages dedicated to themes such as teamwork, technical
skills and even one about how to be a foodie.

When you’re looking for a unique gift, or a great way
to pull your kids away from the TV on a rainy day, give the Playful Life
products a try.


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