A Crush-Worthy Cracker

May 9, 2008 | By | Comments (0)

_dsf0408_2Is it possible to have a crush on a cracker? If so, then I’m completely besotted with J&M’s wine biscuits. Made with real vino, these snacks aren’t boozy, but come in two nuanced flavors: Chardonnay, made with white wine, tarragon, and shallots; and Cabernet, which delivers a hit of red wine and black pepper. Hovering somewhere between a shortbread cookie and a cracker, these sweet-savory nibbles have an irresistible texture that had me licking crumbs from the bag, wondering when I’d get a chance to meet (and eat) them again.

They’re available at gourmet and specialty shops, online at http://www.jm-foods.com, and by calling the Arkansas-based company at 800-264-2278. I’d give them as a hostess gift, nestle them onto a cheese plate, or eat them in bed, accompanied by nothing more than a good novel.


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